Differentiating between Porosus / Niloticus /Alligator /Siames crocodile Skin Leather (二)

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 The slub(square ) pattern is long and has pores, the side abdomen pattern is oval or even rectangular, generally in 4 rows in orderly .it's the biggest between all of the crocodile.There are obvious horny scales.

Nile Crocodile Leather

Nile crocodile leather

In general , 4 rows or more of big oval pattern of the side abdomen pattern as below shown:

Oval pattern parts for nile crocodile

and there are 7or 8 lines or more of slub (square) pattern on each sides from the middle line,as below:

Nile crocodile leather

High Shiny(Glossy) Nile Crocodile Skin Leather

Matt Nile Crocodile Leather

Matt nile crocodile leather

matt nile crocodile leather

Suede Nile Crocodile Leather

suede nile crocodile leather

Suede Nile Crocodile Leather



Products :

High Glossy Baking Beads

Nile crocodile leather

Nile crocodile leather

Matt Nile Crocodile Skin Leather 

Suede Nile Crocodile Leather 

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