High-Class Crocodile Skin Leather Products Care Guide

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1.Nilo High Gloss/Matte Belt & Siamase Crocodile High Gloss Belt:

Do not bend or coil the belt during storage.
This way is easy to damage the surface of the belt.
Please put it in when storing In the flannel bag we provide, and store it in horizontally or hang it vertically.


2.Crocodile High Gloss/Suede/Semi&Matte/Himalaya White Products:

   Please kindly try to wrap the handle with satin ribbon which enclosed with your order before you use your exotic skin bags. Because the palms are easy to sweat, and the special characteristics of crocodile skin  which is easier to absorb perspiration, so the ribbon plays a decorative role.At the same time, it can protect the handle of the bag. 

  Specially for the shiny crocodile skin leather bag, because it is very prone to water marks and is very afraid of scratches. Even if you are very careful, scratches will appear after a period of time. That's why it will be convered with soft protective film when our worker are in the process of shiny crocodile leather goods production.Otherwise there will be scratches and fingerprints on the products.

   The suede crocodile leather is a suede effect that is directly polished on the surface of crocodile skin leather. The texture is very soft and durable ,and it's scratch-resistant. However,the disadvantage is very easy to get dirt like other suede skin leather. A little sweat on your hands will destroy the suede effect, and it will get dirty after a long time. Even the corners will be greasy.

  Semi-shiny or matte crocodile leather , can directly express the true touch of crocodile leather, and the luster will become more and more natural with time. Even if you splash a few drops of water on it, it's ok if you can wipe it off immediately.

 For All Of The Crocodile Skin Leather Products And Exotic Skin Leather Products: 

1.Avoid Contact with Direct Sun

  Because crocodile skin is a natural leather, Given the sheer extent of acquired fineness of crocodile skin products,do not leave your crocodile handbag exposed to direct sunlight,It is important to closet it in a place which is not under the direct influence of the sun. Before using it for a product, crocodile skin is made to pass through a transformative mechanism. Consequently, direct sunlight might affect the natural sheen of the bag,It might also become drier. as the leather will dry out, crack and fade, losing its natural sheen.Therefore, make sure to store the bag in a cool place, in an optimal temperature.

2.Avoid Contact with Water

  Not all leathers can absorb water. If your crocodile leather bag absorbs water, it might get damaged. It is important to keep in mind that crocodile skin is already sufficiently packed with moisture; further absorption of water could conveniently damage it. So far as washing and cleaning are concerned, it is usually recommended to use a dry cloth for rubbing. 

Anyway,in one words.Avoid the sun, the wind, and the rain. You can wipe the water with a soft dry cloth ONLY, especial Pay more attention NOT to use hair dryer. You need to follow the direction of the crocodile scales when wiping.

3.Keep Away from Foreign Chemicals

Generally speaking, people tend to wash leather products with chemicals. However, keep in mind that crocodile skin should be allowed contact with chemicals. You may use only the ingredients mentioned on the label of the concerned product. Also, do not spray perfume on the leather bag. Crocodile skin products are particularly sensitive to stains; so exercise caution while eating. 

4.Do Not Scratch Or Rub The Leather Of The Bag

At times, you might be tempted to scrape dirt off the surface; it might be counterproductive. Scratches can cause corrugations on the surface of the leather, which may not always be repaired. Whenever you intend to scrape off dirt from the surface, it is best to use a dry cloth.  

IMPORTANT: Please pay more attention to protect the leather of the bag when you are travelling especially for the big handbag . The leather will hurt and the color will off when it always rub to the luggage pole when you put it on the luggage pole of the bag.

5.Avoid Irregular Folding

   To avoid the nuisance of wrinkles and marks on the surface of the bag, it is essential to stick to the right process of folding. It is all the more crucial if the leather is caiman skin, which is rigid and loaded with calcium. Therefore, it is important not to encourage forced or tight folding, which might cause irremediable cracks. The ideal way is to follow the original symmetry of the bag and let the product stay aligned with its prescribed shape. 

   As mentioned at the outset, crocodile leather bags entail rigorous care, thanks to their affinity with sophistication. Besides, crocodile skin is rare. Crocodile skins typically have a long shelf life; with a little bit of extra care, you can make it comfortably outstretch its life span. Alligator skin is one of the most durable and expensive materials. On the other hand, a product made of this leather will remain usable (and attractive!) for over 50 years (of course, if you treat it right). This proves the statement that high-status items are a great investment. 

   Wipe clean with a clean cotton cloth from inside to outside when not ready to use , put it back in the flannel bag, and then Put it in a spacious cabinet, don't squeeze it. Keep it stored in a cool, dry place. Whilst stored, stuff the bag with newspaper to prevent wrinkling. Because crocodile skin is a natural leather, do not leave your crocodile handbag exposed to direct sunlight, as the leather will dry out, crack and fade, losing its natural sheen.Use professional crocodile leather care oil when not in use---horse oil

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