Differentiating between Porosus / Niloticus /Alligator /Siames crocodile Skin Leather (一)

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Porosus crocodile leather is the most luxurious exotic skin leather-The king of exotics, fetching the highest prices on the primary and secondary markets.The leather is rare to get .The square area on the abdomen is very wide, and there are few rounded areas. have small pores or "dot". Some of the checked square have two or more small pores and the more square shapes to the center scales.

Porosus Crocodile is characterized by the tiny pores on each scale, which gives this species its name. Although not perfectly symmetrical, given this skin is natural and not a pressed leather pattern, it is known to have scales with qualities we like to call the “three S’s”: small, square, and symmetrical, which makes it so sought after by collectors

This skin comes in two varieties: Matte and Lisse (shiny).

Porosus crocodile leather

  Porosus skin leather


Porosus handbag

The following is Hybrid porosus crocodile leather :






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