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The Shell Cordovan is one of the finest, most durable leathers in the world. Cordovan is an equine leather made from the fibrous flat connective tissue (or shell) beneath the hide on the rump of the horse. ... Shell cordovan has a unique non-creasing characteristic. Because it is made of connective tissue, it is smooth and lacks the pebbled effect of leather derived from animal skin.

While in a piece of horse leather, only two small pieces of smooth hip leather can be cut, this is the origin of SHELL CORDOVAN. Corridor leather has no any pores and is known as the incredible leather in the world. It is smooth leather. The quality is durable because it is easy to take care of, even sometimes A good horse hip leather leather goods will last longer than the owner.

HORWEEN SHELL CORDOVAN Horse Hip Leather is the main products for The HORWEEN Tannery Leather Company . They adhere to the traditional tanning method for more than a hundred years, are not affected by the trend and persist: Thanks to HORWEEN’s exclusive tanning leather skills, Each piece of cordovan leather needs 9 months to be tannedm Each piece of leather is hand-made by skilled highest craftsmen, a large number of deep sea oil are constantly added in the production .This makes the gloss and oiliness of the leather quite full after production, and obtains more more leathery quality. The hard and precise fiber layer is polished to give off the unique brilliance of the horse hip. Because of the high content of the horse hip, it is exceptionally soft and smooth. It is the diamond among all of the corrido leather .
Because the output is very low, and the supply of corroded leather is small, and the number of HORWEEN SHELL CORDOVAN products is even precious.So the cost of the products are very high .

In additional, Except the use of grease and dyes for soaking, HORWEEN does not use any coating materials, so there will be slight indentations on the leather surface, but it can be repaired properly. 

Shell cordovan is exceptionally durable. The pores are so dense on the hindquarters of a horse that they are not visible to the naked eye. The hide is naturally resistant to water (though not impervious) as well as stretching. Instead of creasing, shell cordovan ripples.

Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan is an equine leather famous for its durability, self-polishing character, breathability, deep color, smooth feel, and bright luster. It has developed something of a cult following and it is used in high-end shoes, boots, belts, wallets, and watch straps. 

Different Ways to Take Care of A Horween Leather Goods Or Accessories

As we have mentioned above, Horween leather watch straps are incredibly durable but they still need to be regularly cleaned and taken care of to ensure longevity.

100% handmade Crafts mens Horween shell crodovan leather wallet,Key holder and watch band. Welcome your OEM projects for your lifestyle.

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Different Ways to Take Care of A Horween Leather goods.
Everyday Measures.
Creams and Conditioners.
To Remove Scratches or Scuffs


Handmade US Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Short Wallet Multi-card Holder Simple Wallets

Handmade US Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Short Wallet Multi-card Holder Simple Wallets

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